A generous bonus or tip scheme for all
staff depending on role. One or the other
(sometimes both!) We split our tips
equally between all the team working to
deliver the service including FOH, Chefs
and KPs.
This can add £3,000-£5,000 to a typical
full time salary a year.
We have a well structured training
programme available to anyone who
wants to develop their career with us.
Sign up! We offer one-to-one and
e-learning courses at all levels and we are
looking for people who want to progress.
We are delighted to give you the tools for
the job.
We can also develop specialist skills.
So spend time with wine, for example,
we offer WSET Level 1 and Level 2 for
anyone interested in developing their
wine knowledge. Or take advantage of
great butchery training with our pork
supplier Jim Baker.
Summer Fiesta. Because you work so hard for us all
year round we like to say thank you very much. In
September, we close all of our
businesses for one night and invite everyone to the
boss’s Manor House for a big knee’s up. There’s
loads of food and booze and a jolly old laugh, to say
the least.
Amazing staff trips throughout the year. Some of our
senior staff go abroad once year for a multi day trip
to visit suppliers and do a spot of sight seeing.
We arrange day trips for other members of staff for
team building and research. We’ve been to vineyards
in various parts of France, trail blazing restaurants,
breweries and distilleries in London, Bristol and the
South West. We have a thirst for knowledge and
having a good time. Together!
Eat for free when you’re working Free meals on all
shifts over 6 hours. We want to make sure you are
refreshed and energised to look after our guests and
you can’t do that on an empty
We’ll pay you to recommend a friend! We have a
‘recommend a friend’ scheme and if you
recommend someone who is recruited, then you get
cash back from us to say thank you.
Eat for free even when you’re not working! All team members are entitled to two complementary
meals at any of our sites every month. All we ask in return is that you give us honest and
constructive feedback. We want you to be our best customer!
Giveaways throughout the year. There are always prizes up for grabs because we have a great
relationship with our suppliers and they love to incentivise us to sell their products.
More giveaways through regular competitions & prizes. We run monthly competitions and
reward great performance with super prizes.
Buy our wine at cost price. Enjoy any of the wine we stock at the cost price plus VAT (up to XX%
off list price).
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