A generous bonus or tip scheme for all
staff depending on role. One or the other
(sometimes both!) We split our tips
equally between all the team working to
deliver the service including FOH, Chefs
and KPs.
This can add £3,000-£5,000 to a typical
full time salary a year.
We have a well structured training
programme available to anyone who
wants to develop their career with us.
Sign up! We offer one-to-one and
e-learning courses at all levels and we are
looking for people who want to progress.
We are delighted to give you the tools for
the job.
We can also develop specialist skills.
So spend time with wine, for example,
we offer WSET Level 1 and Level 2 for
anyone interested in developing their
wine knowledge. Or take advantage of
great butchery training with our pork
supplier Jim Baker.
We have an confidentail employee assistant program
in place which covers all our employees and their
immediate family. This help line supports you with
anything from work related stress to external issues
such as bereavement, financial difficulties, legal and
even health advice.
Summer Fiesta. Because you work so hard for us all
year round we like to say thank you very much. In
September, we close all of our businesses for one
night and invite everyone to the boss’s Manor House
for a big knee’s up. There’s loads of food and booze
and a jolly old laugh, to say the least.
Amazing staff trips throughout the year. Some of our
senior staff go abroad once year for a multi day trip
to visit suppliers and do a spot of sight seeing.
We arrange day trips for other members of staff for
team building and research. We’ve been to vineyards
in various parts of France, trail blazing restaurants,
breweries and distilleries in London, Bristol and the
South West. We have a thirst for knowledge and
having a good time. Together!
Eat for free when you’re working Free meals on all
shifts over 6 hours. We want to make sure you are
refreshed and energised to look after our guests and
you can’t do that on an empty stomach!
We’ll pay you to recommend a friend! We have a
‘recommend a friend’ scheme and if you recommend
someone who is recruited, then you get cash back
from us to say thank you.
Eat for free even when you’re not working! All team members are entitled to two complementary
meals at any of our sites every month. All we ask in return is that you give us honest and
constructive feedback. We want you to be our best customer!
Giveaways throughout the year. There are always prizes up for grabs because we have a great
relationship with our suppliers and they love to incentivise us to sell their products.
More giveaways through regular competitions & prizes. We run monthly competitions and
reward great performance with super prizes.
Buy our wine at cost price. Enjoy any of the wine we stock at the cost price plus VAT.
Bike to work! We offer all employees membership to a ‘Bike To Work’ scheme - where you can
borrow up to £1000 to purchase a bike and pay it back monthly, with 0% interest.
of a
An EAP is an online and telephone employee
benefit designed to help you deal with
personal and professional problems that could
be affecting your home life or work life, health
and general wellbeing.
Our EAP service provides a complete support
network that offers expert advice and
compassionate guidance 24/7, covering a wide
range of issues. We strongly believe in
providing an EAP service that offers not only
reactive support when someone needs it but
also proactive and preventative support to
deliver the best possible outcomes.
In addition to the counselling support and
advice, we also offer a virtual library of
wellbeing information. These informative
articles and self-help guides provide support
on a range of health and advisory issues, as
well as instant guidance to aid of an employ-
ee’s physical and mental health.
We understand that the information needs to
be available in a way that is suitable for you,
whenever you require it. From simple lifestyle
changes to advice for many of life's most
common concerns, the portal offers:
• Interactive health assessment
providing personal tailor-made
dietary tips and fitness plans
• Fitness and lifestyle advice, such as
detoxing methods
• Four week self-help programmes
• Mini health checks
Sometimes it can be difficult to balance the pressures of work with the demands of home life. When daily
life feels overwhelming you need help and support to deal with the practical and emotional challenges you
may be facing. The free Health Assured app offers access to holistic health and wellbeing support at the tap
of a finger anywhere and anytime.
We’re working with Health Assured who offer cover for
you and your immediate family members*, 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year:
Life Support: Unlimited
access to counselling for
emotional problems and a
pathway to structured
telephone counselling or
face-to-face counselling
sessions (employees only)
at your convenience.
Legal information: For any
issues that cause anxiety
or distress including debt
management, accountan-
cy, lawsuits, consumer
disputes, property or
neighbour legalities.
Bereavement Assistance:
Health Assured offers
qualified and experienced
counsellors who can help
with grief and related
stress plus a team of legal
advisors to help with legal
Medical information:
Qualified nurses are on
hand to offer advice on a
range of medical or health
related issues. They can’t
diagnose but can offer a
sympathetic ear and
practical information and
CBT Online: We recognise
the value of self-help tools
in dealing with a range of
issues, which is why we
have a range of CBT
self-help modules,
informative factsheets and
invaluable advice videos
from leading qualified
*Immediate family is defined as your legal partner and children aged 16-24 in full
time education residing in the same household.
• Support videos and webinars
• Four-week programmes
•Home life support and advice
• Work life assistance
•Physical and emotional health
• Mini health checks
• Life Support
•Emotional health
• Physical health
•Online CBT
• Wellbeing videos and webinars
• Medical information
To access this service simply call:
0800 030 5182
to have a confidential conversations with one
of our trained advisors.
To gain access to the Health and Well-being Portal you will
require the below login credentials:
We have recently registered with Bike2Work Scheme.
We are offering you the opportunity to save up to 42% on the cost of Bicycles and/or Equipment
up to the value of £1000. This is made possible by saving on Income Tax and National Insurance
• Spend up to £1000 on a new bike and/or
•Cost is spread over weekly/monthly interest
free payments (via salary sacrifice)
• Save money on travelling costs
• Lose weight and tone up
•Cycling improves your general health and
well-being and reduces stress levels
• Reduce your carbon footprint and help
save the planet!
Ho i work
- Employee visits one of the Bike2Work partner shops to make their selection and obtain a
written quotation.
2 - Employee registers online with Bike2Work Scheme using the employer PIN and then logs in to
submit their quotation.
3 - The point of contact will receive notification that a quote has been submitted and they need to
log in and approve the quotation.
4 - An e-mail will be sent to the employee to advise if their quote has been approved/declined.
5 - If approved, Bike2Work Scheme will generate the invoice and hire agreement.
6 - The employer will receive an email providing the invoice and hire agreement to download.
7 - The hire agreement needs to be signed by both employer and employee before payment is made
to Bike2Work Scheme (the agreement can be kept for the employer/employees records only.)
8 - Once signed by both parties, payment can be made to Bike2Work Scheme as per the invoice.
9 - The voucher will be processed the same day as payment clears in our account and posted to the
point of contact within the company (unless otherwise agreed).
10 - Both the employer and employee will be notified that payment has been received and the
voucher issued.
11 - Employee takes the voucher to our partner shop to collect their bike/equipment.
If you would like to take advantage of this fantastic benefit please contact Bike2Woårk Scheme,
who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
0330 0884765