Our Covid-19 Response

We have completely overhauled our business to adapt to the effects of this virus. And while we’re waiting for final details from Government in many areas we have based our plans on sensible assumptions and third party advice. Here is a guide to the main changes we will be making, with the proviso that there may be further adjustments as we respond to government guidance over the next few weeks.

A business like ours is well used to dealing with rigorous health & safety standards but we have also brought in a leading safety consultancy called Food Alert to provide a comprehensive ‘Covid-19 Standard’ audit. This checks our whole approach to dealing with Covid-19 including our documentation, people, premises & physical distancing, cleaning and PPE.



Our staff will have a temperature check every day & fill in a health questionnaire before starting work. We won’t allow anyone with any Covid-19 symptoms to start a shift and we will check that the correct self-isolation procedures are followed. Everyone will have the appropriate personal protection equipment in line with government guidelines and will have been trained in the new service techniques to meet health & safety standards.

We will offer a range of table service styles to suit all our customers and this will be explained on arrival. It will be possible to order via an app (which will be uploaded using a QR code in the property) and minimise any interaction with our staff. But there will also be normal waiting service and disposable menus for those that prefer.



We have made some quite big changes to our furniture layout to increase the gaps between groups and meet Government advice on physical distancing. We have done it in a way which we hope maintains a great atmosphere and we have done our best to get around the challenges of working in old and beautiful buildings. There will be some circulation areas where it will be difficult to avoid getting close to each other and we just ask that everyone uses common sense and maintains a great sense of humour!

We have added furniture outside with marquees and gazebos where appropriate. Fingers crossed we have a lovely warm summer!

We will carefully control the number of people in the building and have new hosting arrangements so that we can control movement on the floor and help our customers through these changes and manage any stresses and strains.


Clearly even more important than ever, we will have full time front of house cleaning staff on duty all through service wiping down surfaces and providing hand sanitiser for customers and staff. Hand sanitiser stations will be placed around the property so that they can be used easily.


Restaurant & Bar

We’re going to be booking tables for the restaurant as usual but limiting numbers to meet distancing rules. We really encourage early booking, as our capacity will be reduced from before.

In the first week after opening our trading hours will change slightly. We’ll announce further details well in advance but initially we will be open from Midday and we won’t be serving food between 2.30 and 6pm on weekdays.

We are also making a number of changes to the way cutlery and condiments are provided to minimise contact and there will be new service techniques which will be flexible depending on customer requirements.

The bar is going to be slightly different. We don’t expect customers will be allowed to stand around the bar and we expect that everyone will have to sit at tables and use table service. Luckily, we have plenty of tables!

Overnight guests will be asked to book a breakfast time the night before and sadly the buffet will not be allowed for the time being. Table service will be great though!


Check in and out will be changed to minimise the need for personal contact. All guests will be called prior to arrival with details of these procedures. We’ll also be updating our room confirmation information.

In room we are introducing single use only items and removing some soft furnishings and other items that can’t be so easily sanitised between stays. Our old room information brochure (full of the most interesting information!) has been thrown in the bin but is now downloadable via phone. We can provide a disposable hard copy if needed too.


Risk Assessments

We have prepared a suite of risk assessments for trading under the new Government guidelines.  These can be seen by clicking on the logo for each site.